Buffy, episode 3.03

("Faith, Hope and Trick")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


We start with Oz and Xander trying to get Willow to rebel. To eat lunch, and not at lunchtime. Willow is slightly peturbed by such rebellious behaviour and doesn't go willingly.

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Suddenly, we are in a dream sequence. Buffy is still moping over what happened with Angel. She is dancing with him, at the Bronze.

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The next day, at the library, Willow is happy to welcome Buffy back to school (Giles and Joyce having overruled slimy rodent man). Willow accidently says something about Giles she probably wouldn't have said, had she known Giles was standing right there...

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Later, at the Bronze, discussing stuff. Check out Willow's eyes! Maybe she should lay off the lattés for a while.

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This episode has a purpose. To introduce a cool black vampire (Mr. Trick) and a slayer who enjoys beating the crap out of the demons, and gets sexually turned on by slaying. That would be the new slayer called after Kendra was slain, Faith.
But Faith has a history. She took on one of the oldest vampires known and barely got away alive. There are no words for what the vampire did to Faith's Watcher. But this ugly vamp on a vengence kick tracked down Faith. For once (possibly the only time ever), Faith is scared rigid.

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But ugly git got carried away and decided he'd take on a hundred slayers if they were around. But he didn't survive two.

And, finally, Willow's expression as Buffy tells Giles the truth about how Angel died. There are no words that can be said about that either.

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