Buffy, episode 3.05




Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Willow (and Oz) drinking at the Bronze again.

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Willow being cute for Yearbook. Unfortunately the camera doesn't go off and she frowns, then it goes off. But hey, this is a better picture!

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Cordelia is all obsessed with this Homecoming Queen thing, Buffy is agitated, the group is feeling just a little bit down.

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Willow, trying on something she might wear for the dance.

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Then adjusting Xander's tie.

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Willow in a slinky black thing. Xander is suitably impressed (as are us viewers!).

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But, wait, can Willow dance? Oh no!
Then Xander steps in to give her a crash course on dancing. Somehow, they end up kissing!

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Now the bad time, when Buffy asks the group to help her in her quest to beat Cordelia and be crowned. Only, Cordelia has given them the same tasks to do already!
As Oz says, "As Willow goes, so goes my nation".

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She's a little upset when Buffy confronts her. Well, Cordelia does need the help!
Note the fuzzy orange jumper that some authors of books not mentioned here were none too keen on. Looks okay to me...!

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Willow and Xander start by thinking what can be done to help Buffy and Cordelia get along. After a whole bunch of silence, they get to thinking what can be done to help them get along with each other, after that kiss.

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Buffy and Cordelia (sent alone in the limo, unwitting participants of SlayerFest '98) have not turned up. Willow and Xander aren't quite so easy with each other.

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And still...

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The crowning moment, as Buffy and Cordelia arrive, to find out the other two no-hopers have been voted, together.

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