Buffy, episode 3.06

("Band Candy")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Another day at Sunnydale High. Oz flunked his SATs with a high score (or something) which made Willow proud. So she said, when the opportunity arose...

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Later on, Snyder decided Buffy should sell Band Candy (chocolate bars to raise money for the band). No ifs, no buts.

That night Buffy brought 'her secret' a little something from the butcher.

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When Buffy returned, she got a bollocking from both Joyce (mom) and Giles. She'd played them off against each other to hide the fact she was seeing Angel. Joyce, note, was stuffing her face with chocolate.

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Next day, Giles doesn't turn up for his class. Note Willow and Xander (who you can't note 'cos you can't see him!) sitting behind.

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They were...

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Later that night, Buffy and Willow check out the Bronze, and find it to be a little 'unusual'.

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Populated by grown-ups acting like wayward teenagers. Including, God help us...

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Buffy, I don't like this. They could have heart attacks.

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Oz has joined them now as three drunk guys stand up on the stage and sing badly.

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That's enough for poor Willow. She's going to puke or pee or something. And even before we've considered 'Hey, your mom might be here!'. It's time for action!

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Action, sadly, including Snyder who doesn't feel like being dumped despite his being probably the biggest nerd walking.
So Snyder is high, Oz is his typical laid-back self, and Willow is fully aware of Buffy's driving abilities. Buffy, the ever-careful driver, has her eyes firmly on the road...

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Post crash, they get out and look around. Quite a fast and hard impact, but the 4x4 is still servicable and nobody is hurt.

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Buffy tracks down the source of the chocolate and finds Mom and Giles snogging.

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Willow's gone to the library with Oz and hooked up with Xander and Cordelia to do some studying.

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But there's always time to call those adult sex lines. Hey, if the world ends then there's not going to be any incriminating evidence on the itemised telephone bills.

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Back at the chocolate factory, Buffy discovers Ethan Rayne (Gile's former friend from his dark and shady youth) and kicks the crap out of him. Well, she hits him, twice. Looking to tie him up, mom pulls out handcuffs. Buffy's going to be in therapy over that moment for the rest of her life...

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On a lighter note, Willow discovers what the Big Bad is and what it wants, so Buffy goes to kill it. But hey, it's a giant snakey-thing. Maybe it would be nice lightly roasted, with a few lima beans to accompany the meal? Hey, why not invite Bobby Glass's weird-ass cousin to join in?

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Next day, the four are in school and life has returned to normal with relatively few people (read nobody!) talking about how their parents weirded out. Down in the sewers, that gas pipe is probably still burning away, making sure the snake-thing is roasted to perfection.
Snyder decides to volunteer the four to remove some graffiti from the lockers.
Willow, reading, "'Kiss rocks'? Why would anyone want to......oh wait, I get it."

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