Buffy, episode 3.07




Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Life begins, as usual, in the Bronze.

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Giles is helping Buffy train when Gwendolyn Post arrives to critique the slaying. The expression on Giles' face says it all really.

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From the credits sequence. Erm, yeah... Okay. :-)

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What is she like, with the skimpy top and the "BOMB" wooly hat?

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So the carnage begins. Well, there's evil a-brewin'. My mom, on watching this episode, told me that Gwendolyn was the Big Bad because she dunked her teabag. No self-respecting Brit would be caught dead making tea like that.
So the Scooby Gang are dispatched to look up information on some kinda evil glove thing. Only we're back to Willow and Xander getting overly friendly.

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And then nearly getting caught kissing (again!).

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Meanwhile Buffy and Angel are smacking lips.

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So they have a slayer summit to discuss, hey buff, we know that Angel is alive and you're snogging!
Only Willow is like This isn't about attacking Buffy. Remember, 'I' statements only. 'I feel angry.' 'I feel worried.'
Note: Check out Willow's pre-witchy stars & moon top.

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Walking to class.

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Not too happy, being in a graveyard!
(well, would you be happy to be in a graveyard in Sunnydale?)

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Uh-oh! This isn't good.

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Head start to Angel's place, where Gwendolyn is on the floor.

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Buffy attacks Faith (who blames Angel, prompted by Gwendolyn). Willow and Xander help Gwendolyn.

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Gwendolyn reaches for the glove. Just as it clicks in Willow's mind, Gwendolyn knocks Willow out for a minute. She must die for that!
So sparky things shoot around. Faith realises what and idiot she's been. And Willow comes to...

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...just in time for Angel to drag her from a bright sparky death. Faith draws Gwendolyn's sparks and Buffy hacks the arm off of her body, thus removing the glove (duh!).
Happily, Gwendolyn dies in what looks like a nice painful manner. Oh yeah!

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So to finish it all off, the group reflect on events. But Willow is not a happy girl. She's sitting next to her werewolf boyfriend and you just know something is going to happen between her and Xander.

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