Buffy, episode 3.08

("Lover's Walk")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Life starts with the results of the SATs. Willow and Xander are still a little edgy about the 'them' thing.

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Buffy does surprisingly well in the SATs.

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So they plan to go bowling (!) to celebrate.

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Willow wants to make a de-lusting spell to stop Xander and herself having those thoughts.

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As she is working the spell, Xander comes in. He figures it out, and is kinda annoyed that Willow work resort to 'the black arts' (as he calls it) to stop their feelings.

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William "My Waaaaay!!!" The Bloody needs a spell to bring Dru back to him. No problem, he'll just kidnap Willow and make her do the spell.

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So he does. And he isn't too nice. The shiny thing is a broken bottle. Willow's head is back like that because Spike has pulled her hair.

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So, caring and understanding Willow asks Spike what happened...

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...the whole story pours out.

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But Willow isn't a proper witch (yet?), she's not sure if it'll work.

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So Spike says if it doesn't work, he'll kill Xander, then Willow can try again.

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So Spike then goes and chats up Buffy's mom. Angel comes to the door, and can't get in. Spike is winding him up, as everybody things Angel is evil.

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Meanwhile, Xander and Willow... Well...

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And then...

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Sadly, I could not get an image of them kissing, or Cordelia and Oz busting in on them kissing as a thunderstorm was raging outside. I'm in France, and the lightning doesn't play around!
The reason the picture broke up is the thudercloud was so thick, it pretty much masked the signal from the satellite. Maybe, when I get the S3 video/DVD, I'll pull it from that.

There was some vampire beating-up going on. I only grabbed this image because it looked like who they call on the newsgroups "heavy set Buffy" (the stunt double).

lw15.jpeg; 18K


Cordelia was in shock from seeing Willow and Xander kissing. She ran back up the stairs, which collapsed. She fell through the floor and got impaled on a spike.

lw16.jpeg; 16K


Here's another picture, which explains it better.

lw17.jpeg; 21K


Buffy humour, the nest thing we see is a funeral. Oh my God! Is Cordelia dead? Yay, yah, the bitch is dead!
But no. Track down and pan as Willow and Buffy walk by discussing Cordelia in hospital.
(yup, another big thundercloud)

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Odd thing about thunderclouds, it can block the signal for two minutes (as before), or for a matter of seconds. This time was brief, so we can see Willow talking to Buffy.

lw19.jpeg; 21K


Sadly, the "group dynamic" that Willow mentioned in an earlier episode has not spun out of orbit, it has simply fallen into it's own event horizon. Cordelia doesn't want to see Xander, again.

lw20.jpeg; 18K


Buffy tried to break it off with Angel.
And Oz wants some space to himself, away from Willow.
There is no group dynamic any more.

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