Buffy, episode 3.14

("Bad Girls")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Sitting in class, Buffy is distracted. It is a test. Not a good time to be distracted.

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But, then, Faith comes along. So Buffy bails. Why put effort into flunking a test when you can flunk it perfectly well without even being there?

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"She can't do that..... can she?"

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New watcher. Buffy is negative and prefers to consult with Giles. Faith, on the other hand, has simply "screw you" to say. Much simpler, much more direct.
BTW, it seems as if this person is Alyson Hannigan's boyfriend. A wimpy Brit. Well, either he's a good actor or I'm in with a chance... :-)

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This week's Big Bad. A big greasy fat thing.
Kiddies, this is what happens if you live on a diet of junk food...

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Slayer want, slayer get.

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Slayers get arrested. Slayers get free.

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Buffy hanging with Faith, finding a moment for Willow.
Willow doesn't like it much, being Buffy's previous best friend. But she's too easy going for her own good.

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This is where the Bad Girls comes in. In the middle of a vamp-killing session, Faith lays into a regular guy.

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Much to Buffy's horror.

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The Mayor, meanwhile, is proving invincible. This is leading up to something...

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