Buffy, episode 3.16




Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


We begin with Willow floating a pencil.

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Just so long as we don't mention Faith.

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Snyder calls Willow into his office. Jock (who goes by the name of Percy) has brawn, but little in the way of brains. So Snyder asks, or rather, commands, that Willow tutor him.

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Willow tells Buffy it isn't exactly fair. She doesn't like people just 'expecting' her to do things.

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And then Giles tells her to get onto the computer and look something up.

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Willow, on her way back from lunch, bumps into Percy...

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...who interpreted Snyder's tutelage as "you write it and sign my name to it".

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Then Willow bumps into Buffy and Xander, who refer to her as old reliable, a moniker which upsets Willow somewhat. Maybe she'll change her appearance? Stop becoming 'reliable'.


"Who's your.... God good! You're Willow!" is Buffy's reaction to Willow's apparent change of style.

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But as Vamp-Willow leaves (Leaving now.), Buffy tries to stop her. She turns back, vamped out, and growls. Then walks away.


Willow has been turned into a vampire.


Vamp-Willow enjoying a little pain-giving.

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She was truly the best of us - Giles, on Willow.

Willow arrives, Xander leaps up and waves a cross at her.

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"Say, y'all didn't happen to do a bunch of drugs, did'ya?"
Willow is confused, and ever-so-slightly freaked at being called a vampire.

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Angel breaks the news, then does a double-take when he sees Willow. Xander - We're right there with you, man...

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Vamp-Willow, at the Bronze, intimidating some of the clientele, who really should know better than staying out after dark in Sunnydale, it being the hellmouth and all.

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Vamp-Willow realises that she's not in her dimension. Anya fills her in on a few details, so she decides to check out the other Willow.

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Well look at me, I'm all fluffy.

Willow isn't too keen on Vamp-Willow licking her neck, either...

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So Willow waves a cross at Vamp-Willow, who replies by sending Willow flying.

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Willow gets her own back by stunning Vamp-Willow.

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How to deal with the situation at the Bronze?
Buffy - Ummm... I have a really bad idea.

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Willow says the dress is kinda binding, then figures it might be because vampires don't need to breathe.

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"Oh! Look at those!"

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Vamp-Willow wakes up...

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...to face the wrath of Cordelia over boyfriend stealing.

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Willow tries to be a vampire, but isn't that convincing.

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So she screams (the 'signal'), and a fight begins. Willow punches a vampire. "Ouch! Ouch! Nice, but ouch!"

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Vamp-Willow lays into Willow.

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The fight ended, they prepare to send Vamp-Willow home. But, there's more than a few things they have in common.

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Sent home, Vamp-Willow promptly falls against the wooden thing and dusts herself. But, don't think she's dead, they pulled her from her reality at that point, no reason why it couldn't happen again.

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Percy, scared and intimidated by what Vamp-Willow did to him, wrote his own paper on President Roosevelt. He didn't know which one (there were two), so he did both. And a list of references. And an apple for the teacher...

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