Buffy, episode 3.17




Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Looking for some details on the 'ascenscion'. "Ooh ooh! The Marenschadt Text. I think in the section on genocide, they mention Ascenscion."
Giles - Where did you find that volume?
"In the top of your book cabinet with the stuff you try to keep hidden."

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Buffy, what's wrong?

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Buffy - I went to Angel's last night and Faith was there. They looked sort of intimate.
"No way. I know what you're thinking and no way!"
Buffy - You're right. Faith would never do that.
"Faith would totally do that. Faith was built to do that. She's the do that girl."
Buffy - Comfort, remember comfort, here?
"I mean, please, does Angel come up to Faith's standards for a guy? Let's see, is he breathing?"
Buffy - Actually, no.
"But Buffy, Angel. There's no way he would ever do that. I mean, you're the only thing in the world to him."

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"Enough. Stop with the crazy. Go talk to Angel."
Buffy - But I...
"No. Go. I give you leave to go."

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"Xander! What happened to you?"

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"Faith and Angel? Together?"

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"Are you okay?"

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"His debt to you is repaid? What did you do?"
Giles - I introduced him to his wife.

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