Buffy, episode 3.18




Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Buffy kills a demon. A drop of it's florescent blood gets on her hand, it turning into a spidery thing.

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Buffy talks to Giles. It seems the contamination will result in Buffy gaining an 'aspect of the demon'. Buffy takes this to mean she'll sprout horns or grow a tail or something.

Later, Willow wants to know if Buffy is okay.

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Percy comes along with some of his friends and actually speaks to Willow. His friends are impressed by Willow's ability to get Percy to string together a coherent sentence.
(refer to Doppelgangland)

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(reading from the paper)"Well, according to Freddy's latest editorial, 'the pep rally is a place for psuedo-prostitues to provoke men into a sexual frenzy which, when thwarted, results in pointless athletic competition.'"
Xander - And the downside being?
"The school paper is edging on depressing lately. You guys notice that?"
Oz - I don't know, I always go straight to the obits.

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Oz - Their spelling's improved.

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Buffy's 'aspect of the demon' is the ability to hear people's thoughts.

(thinking, not speaking) "Buffy did the reading? Buffy understood the reading?"

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The boys in the school have some very twisted thoughts.

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In the dining room, the thoughts become a cacaphony.

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An evil voice says 'This time tomorrow, I'll kill you all!'.
Buffy faints.

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Willow decides to create initiative by giving everybody people to interrogate, lists to collect. Who was where, and why?

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Willow interrogates Jonathan.

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Buffy, asleep, unable to pick one thought from the dim.
Angel makes a concoction which reverses the 'aspect of the demon'.
So now, Buffy, asleep, resting peacefully.

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Next day, time to raid the offices of the school newspaper. The editor is acting kinda weird.

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When they catch him, the editor (Freddy) is thinking 'huh?'.
Oz (reading) - Dingoes Ate My Baby play their instruments as if they have plump polish sausages taped to their fingers.
Freddy - Sorry man.
Oz (shrugs) - No, it's fair.
Freddy - I just get a lot of hate mail and I thought you were gonna come and deliver some personally.

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"Jonathan! Oh, I had him in my grasp. Slippery weasel!"

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Jonathan. Ready to do the 'trendy' thing and take out a few classmates.

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Buffy bursts in and discovers all is not as it seems. Jonathan, ignored and depressed, was not about to kill anybody he knows. He was only going to alleviate his own pain (bloody big weapon for that...) until Buffy tells a little of her pain. Of everybody's pain. Nobody cares about Jonathan's problems as they're all to busy dealing with their own.


Meanwhile, Xander stumbles on the real killer-to-be.

Well, then Buffy takes her out. Right in the middle of the school dining room. Hmmm, subtle.

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Next day, all is better.

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Giles offers Buffy some training.
Buffy - Sure. We can work out after school. You know, if you're not too busy having sex with my MOTHER!
Buffy walks off, Giles walks into...

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