Buffy, episode 3.19




Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Willow got accepted into pretty much every Uni going. Even a few in England.
Check out the fuzzy backpack.

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Plane lands, evil guy gets out.

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Buffy and Willow researching the ascension.

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And noticing that the replacement Watcher isn't exactly full of helpful information. But, they know that a special delivery was made to the mayor, thanks to a little Buffy snooping.

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So, time to go get the delivery.

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Willow is told to leave early, a little bit of magic having cleared the way for Buffy.
She doesn't get out though, as Faith was waiting.

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Willow tells a vampire guard that it isn't really fair to eat the hostage.

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She breaks out, quite ingeniously, by floating a pencil and plunging it into the guard from behind.
But, alas, when Willow comes across the Books of Ascension, she doesn't escape.

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Faith comes in. Willow stands up to her, and gets beaten down...

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...until the mayor breaks the news of the trade that has been arranged. Willow for the delivery.

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So they make the trade in the school cafeteria. Snyder bursts in, sees more than he should, and on leaving, says, Why can't you just be dealing drugs like NORMAL kids?

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Willow watches Snyder leave.

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With the whole suave and blasé thing going, Willow informs Giles that the books were very overwritten, and nothing memorable... Oh, except for these pages...

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Fun as it was, though, Willow doesn't plan on being kidnapped again anytime soon.

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Willow tells Buffy that she's decided on a uni. UC Sunnydale. Because she wants in (the demon fighting thing).

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Slightly spooked by the mayor's words about Angel not being able to take Buffy for picnics and the like, they decide to picnic their way...

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