Buffy, episode 3.20

("The prom")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Buffy is determined to give her friends a good prom.

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Buffy's mom meets with Angel to suggest Angel and Buffy part, for the obvious reasons. Angel is fully aware of that, but now realises that he must make the first move as Buffy won't.

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Buffy's dream - it is daytime and Buffy and Angel are in church getting married. They are wed, they turn, they begin walking towards the bright light of the door. Nervous moments, will Angel and sunlight be acceptable? Well, the picture answers that. Look carefully...

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Angel breaks up with Buffy.

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Willow consoles Buffy.

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(her pain is yet to come)

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Willow helping Giles again.

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Buffy, hunting for information, spots Angel buying in his food.

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Willow at the prom, with Oz.

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And again.

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Buffy, meanwhile, kicks ass, then slips in the back. Only Jonathan is reading her a message from her class saying that her help was noticed. That her class had the lowest death rate recorded was noticed. Buffy is their class protector.

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