Buffy, episode 3.22

("Graduation day (part two)")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Willow is tending to an injured and delerious Angel.

gd201.jpeg; 22K


A discussion with Oz. Angel is very ill, Willow is worried.

gd202.jpeg; 22K


Buffy enters, having returned from a fight with Faith.

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There is only one way to cure Angel. Slayer's blood.

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Willow and Oz, understandably, are not too happy to see Angel up and walking and Buffy in a bed at the local hospital.

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But Buffy recovers quickly.

gd206.jpeg; 24K


A brief discussion about the plan of attack, how best to deal with the Ascention.

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But first, they need all of the info on the Ascention. Gotta plan this one right.

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A worried Willow leaving with Oz for supplies.

gd209.jpeg; 25K


And dropping off the supplies on a "don't ask, just do" basis.

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Willow sneaks in a few moments late.

gd211.jpeg; 23K


Oh my God, he's going to bore us all to death with the entire prepared speech.

gd212.jpeg; 21K


But times turn. The skies darken. Night falls. Out come the flame throwers tucked under the seats and the burning arrows.

gd213.jpeg; 23K


Willow making her way through the mêlée.

gd214.jpeg; 22K


Buffy luring the big bugger through the school, right into the trap.

gd215.jpeg; 22K

There's no pictures of the school blowing up. It is extremely tame. Methinks Joss' vision was tempered by nervous Fox executives.


But, guys, take a moment. We survived. Not this fight, but all of them. We survived High School.

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The little Mutant Enemy grrr-aargh guy, with a graduation hat!

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