Buffy, episode 4.02

("Living Conditions")



As usual, the sick twisted damn-ass weird captions are mine. :-)


I won't laugh, but... you know... you shouldn't walk
around the campus with that showing!



We don't have cable, so we have to make our own entertainment...


Oh, it's me! Well, um, 'least they spelt my name correctly...


Toodle-oo! Mmm, Giles says that so much better.
Must be his British accent, or something...


Talking of Giles; I visited his house to borrow his
Watcher's Handbook, you'll never guess what I saw
in his basement! Go on, guess! You'll never guess!


Oh! Cute guy alert!


Please excuse my 'just woken up' appearance; it takes a
whole lot of effort to be serious when modelling for PG Tips.


So, you aren't going to kill anybody or blow anything up,
and you'll try not to swear all day?
Great stuff!
Mr. Tarantino, I think today's session has concluded. Please,
um, feel free to call me any time you need another little chat.


Oh shit! Quentin, what have you done?
Um... um... god... gotta make this look like mass suicide...


Okay Giles, you make this thing out of fertilizer
after reading the Jolly Roger Cookbook. Tell me again,
it is really safe to light it? Sure? Really sure?


D'you like my "Dingoes ate my baby" poster?



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