Buffy, episode 4.03

("The Harsh Light of Day")



The basic premise of this story is Spike (and new girlfriend Harmony (pity Spike)) have returned to Sunnydale and are looking for the gem of Amara, some powerful ring-thing which makes vampires invincible. Stakes, sunlight. Can't kill them (well, they're already dead but you know what I mean...).
There are several side stories, one of which being that college guys are creeps. Oh yeah, I'm talking about Mr. I-didn't-expect-it-to-become-anything-serious. Meanwhile, Anya wants to get Xander out of her system before she leaves. What better way to do that than to have sex with him? Anya does this in her typically blunt way, by turning up at Xander's place and taking her dress off then and there.


We start, as oft, in the Bronze with Willow. Oh yeah, and Buffy. 'cos she's the star of the show. It is, well, called Buffy.

hlod01.jpeg; 19K


Oz is around.

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Outside the Bronze, helping Oz get his gear in his van, Willow meets Harmony. Who has, erm, changed (you know... no pulse, pointy fangs, et cetera).

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Oz saves the day with a crucifix and some attitude.

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Meanwhile, Anya comes on to Xander.

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Oz and Willow recount their Harmony-experience to Buffy, in simple words so Parker doesn't overhear. Check out Wil's witchy-coat!

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The troublesome two.

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In the Bronze, Bif Naked is playing. Their song "Lucky" is one of my favourites from the Buffy CD. Indeed, if you have a copy of my VideoList software, call up the search thingy and enter "{ lucky }" (without the quotes, otherwise exactly as shown) as the search phrase. Works better if you have the Buffy CD in your CD-ROM drive!

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Giles in Research Mode. It looks to me like he's setting up his wallpaper, but hey, what do I care?

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Happy Willow. You can see the bandage on her neck from where Harmony tried to bite her. But, jeez, didn't they have any other bandage colours?

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Oh my Goddess! Giles has a television set! An actual TV. In Giles' apartment!

hlod15.jpeg; 20K


Serious Willow, now.

hlod17.jpeg; 18K


A little less serious.

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And, finally, real serious. Explaining to Buggy the finer points of how and why Parker is a "poophead".

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