Buffy, episode 4.04

("Fear Itself")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Willow, Xander, and Buffy are cutting pumpkins for Halloween.

fearit01.jpeg; 19K


Buffy hasn't cut hers, only played with the insides of one saying something deep and meaningful.

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Which gets Willow thinking.

fearit03.jpeg; 14K


Next day, college lunch queue.

fearit04.jpeg; 20K


Nice hair.

fearit05.jpeg; 20K


Ummm... Nice hat? Nah, ridiculous hat...

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A cool logo to paint on the floor of the frat party loft room floor (did that make sense?).

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Willow, on the phone. She is Joan of Arc.

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Buffy is Little Red Riding Hood (funny how Buffy dresses up as these cutesy things for Halloween) and Xander is trying to be James Bond, but might pass as Head Waiter.

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Willow is Joan of Arc because she almost got burned on the stake once, and she has this special connection with God. God, incidently, being Oz, who has a sticker on him that says "God"!

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But the party is a little unpartylike. For instance, when Anya turns up, she discovers the door is missing.

fearit12.jpeg; 17K


Then she sees a girl scream and the window vanishes. In a panic, she runs to daft-hat-guy and demands that Xander be saved.

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Buffy tells Xander, Oz and Willow to leave. She can't go looking out for them too. That really pisses Willow off, and it isn't the first (or the last) time Buffy has (will) bring that point up, in a kind of you-are-excess-baggage kinda way.

fearit14.jpeg; 15K


After being upset because Oz bails out, half-wolfy and scratches Willow when pushing her away, Willow finds a quiet place to do her conjuring.

Willow conjures a spell to get a guiding light to help her find Oz.

fearit15.jpeg; 12K


But wait, she should help to find the people trapped upstairs first. (three glowing dots)
And even if I get them, we still need to find a way out of the house. (loads more dots)

The dots, confused or just annoyed, mob her.

fearit16.jpeg; 16K


Giles arrives, with BigBunnyGal and says that the best thing to do is create a door. Anya says You can do that?
In fine Evil Dead style, Giles rummages in his bag and pulls out a...

fearit17.jpeg; 14K


Inside the house, Xander is no longer invisible. Buffy doesn't seem to realise he ever was.

fearit18.jpeg; 18K


Giles burst in, and together they find the symbol painted on the floor. He says "Destroying the mark of Gachnar...", Buffy punches a hole in the floor, "is not one of them and will in fact immediately bring forth the fear demon itself."

The floor starts to glow. They watch, apprehensively.

fearit20.jpeg; 19K


But the fear demon is, well, mighty scary if you're a Lego™ man. But as we look over Buffy's shoulder, he (it?) seems much less intimidating!

fearit21.jpeg; 22K


So Buffy stamps on him. Sad end, really. He'd have made a cute pet.

They are all at Giles' place, mostly eating chocolate.
Giles says Bloody hell, and passes the book with the details of the fear demon to Buffy, he explains he should have translated the Gaelic inscription under the illustration of Gachnar, because it said "Actual size". :-)

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