Buffy, episode 4.05

("Beer Bad")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


This is a very funny episode. I didn't catch the opening credits, and the transcript I have does not have the author/director included. And, to make matters worse, my Watcher's handbook (2) is some three hundred miles away. Suffice to say, I don't know who wrote/directed, but I would bet on it being Joss himself that did this one.

Willow and Buffy, in class. Learning about the Id and the Pleasure Principle.

bb01.jpeg; 23K


In Buffy's dream, user-boyfriend-from-hell appeals to her pleasure principle with flowers and a tub of nice ice cream.

bb02.jpeg; 21K


The core members of the gang, sitting outside enjoying the sunlight - unlike those they slay.

bb03.jpeg; 24K


Willow, winding up Xander.

bb04.jpeg; 22K


Willow chastising Buffy for thinking evil-boyfriend was anything but a twerp.

bb05.jpeg; 25K


Willow and Oz, at the Bronze.

bb06.jpeg; 19K


Trouble in their relationship. Oh look, I'm a groupie!

bb07.jpeg; 20K


Willow discovers Buffy talking about the little people. Erm, the television. And she's drunk. Buffy, that is. Very drunk.

bb08.jpeg; 17K


In class, Buffy reaches down a row, snatches a sandwich, and begins to eat it.

bb09.jpeg; 21K


"Are you sure you want to share your groupie?"

bb10.jpeg; 17K


Willow about to lay into Parker, the evil-boyfriend-thing (aka "manus idioticus").

bb11.jpeg; 18K


"Hey, Parker. Exactly how gullible d'you think I am?"

bb12.jpeg; 17K


Meanwhile Buffy is spinning around on an office chair. Go on, deny you've ever done that...

bb13.jpeg; 16K


Caveman got girl. Girl good. Girl not moving.

bb14.jpeg; 17K


Better move girl, else girl catch fire.

bb15.jpeg; 14K


Buffy save girl.

bb16.jpeg; 15K


Girl saved.

bb17.jpeg; 17K


Buffy sniff girl. Girl smell nice.

bb18.jpeg; 22K


Parker hit on head with big stick. Everybody happy.

bb19.jpeg; 20K




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