Buffy, episode 4.07

("The initiative")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


In the café of UC Sunnydale, Buffy accidently breaks the lever on the ice cream machine, leaving ice-cream spewing out.

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Meanwhile, Spike wakes up and finds out where he is.

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Buffy, in Giles' apartment, checking out Giles' drawing of the military men.

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Spike hatches a plan to escape.

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Willow, in lectures. She's upset still following Oz's departure.

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Willow - "Riley. I notice you left off a name today in roll call. Osbourne, Daniel Osbourne, Oz?"
Riley - He's not in this class anymore. I hear he dropped out. Willow - "Oh, well you heard way wrong then. I mean, he's not gone. He...he left temporarily to work out a few things. I know that sounds lame in its vagueness, but I assure you Oz will be back."
Walsh walks over and says "Not to my class, he won't. An educated guess. You know the rules, you know I hate exceptions and yet somehow you feel your exception is exceptional.

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Willow goes to her room to sulk, approriately.

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Riley walks in, looking for tips on dating Buffy.
"Okay, say that I help, and you start a conversation. It goes great. You like Buffy and she likes you. You spend time together, feelings grow deeper, and one day without even realizing it you find you're in love. Time stops. And it feels like the whole world is made for you two, and you two alone; until the day one of you leaves and rips the still-beating heart from the other, who is now a broken, hollow, mockery of the human condition."
(that's one of my favourite quotes!)

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Buffy convinces Willow to go to a frat party, to make her feel better.

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Willow hunts our Riley and fills him in. "Okay, she's wearing the halter top with sensible shoes. That means mostly dancing, light contact, but don't push your luck. Heavy conversation is out of the question."
Willow gives him some more direction, then finishes up with "Keep eye contact. Funny is good, but don't be glib. And remember, if you hurt her, I will beat you to death with a shovel. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend. Have fun."
(another wonderful quote)

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Xander and Harmony get into a fight... Or rather, slapping and hair pulling. She's annoyed that Spike broke out of the place he was in, and decided to get the Slayer. Slayer this, Slayer that...

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Willow is trying to console Riley, who choked and made a mess of talking to Buffy.

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Willow excuses herself and goes back to her room. Spike breaks in, and kills Willow...

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...well, he gets as far as trying to bite her, before searing pain makes him change his mind.

Spike and Willow have a conversation laden with double entendres.

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Spike - Remember last year, you had on that... Fuzzy pink number with the lilac underneath?
Willow - "I never would have guessed. You play the blood-lust kinda cool."
Spike - Mmm, I hate being obvious. All fangy and 'grrrr!' Takes the mystery out.

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The heat sensor, checking out the people.

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The Initiative come hunting for Spike.

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Buffy blinds their infra-red vision equipment with the flare gun that Xander gave her.

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