Buffy, episode 4.09

("Something blue")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Willow is sitting on Oz's bed, looking around his room, at the stuff left behind.

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Buffy and Willow are patroling in the graveyard, talking about Riley.

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Spike is chained in Giles' bathtub (!), being taunted by Buffy.

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Willow had the sense to look through Giles' books in the front room and not get involved in Buffy and Spike's madness.

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Spike, drinking blood, from a "Kiss the librarian" mug.

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Another establishing shot of Sunnydale.

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Willow has been back to Oz's room. It is empty.

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Willow goes to the Bronze...

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...and drinks beer. Too much beer.

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Annoyed and upset, she lays the cirle in the bathroom and casts a spell to have her will be done.

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Next day, Giles asks where Willow was. Willow is heavy with the pain-and-pity-me and says Giles can't see anything. Giles, suddenly distracted, stumbles out.

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Willow puts the Amy-rat on the bed then goes to tidy the cage, saying to Buffy that Amy had access to power she can't touch. She's a human (poof! Amy appears on the bed) and then she's a rat (poof! Amy turns back into a rat).

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Willow, annoyed, tells Buffy if she's so into Spike, she might as well marry him. So they propose and accept, much to the horror of Anya and Xander.

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Ta'hoffren takes Willow...

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...and offers to make her a vengence demon, as her pain is transcending dimensions.

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Willow, shocked to learn what has come about as a result of her spell, declines Ta'hoffren and returns to where Buffy, Spike, Anya and Xander are fighting their last battle.

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Willow undoes the spell, and sets about baking many many many cookies...

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...as her form of apology.

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