Buffy, episode 4.10




Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


<narrator>A special Buffy...</narrator>


Buffy is dreaming, in class.

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Willow winds her up, telling her that everything she needs to know for the test was spelt out in detail in the last ten minutes.

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Willow watches Buffy and Riley talk, and smiles.

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Anya is annoyed at Xander. All he wants is sex, he doesn't care about her...

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Willow attends a Wicca meet.

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At the Wicca meet, she suggests spells and gets ridiculed for the stereotype.

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Buffy - No actual witches in your witch group?
Willow - "No, a bunch of wanna Blessed-be's! You know, nowadays every girl with a henna tattoo and a spice rack thinks she's a sister of the dark ones."

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Willow awakes, unable to speak.

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Spike's response to Xander's mimed accusation.
BBC cut this in their 6:45 showing, the bad news is that this sequence is in the series five titles!

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Riley and Forrest get into the lift, then remember it is verbal identification. Riley can't remember the code.

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Buffy and Willow tuor the town, and see shocked people around, including a guy selling white boards for $10, which they roll their eyes at.

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Willow meets Giles, and writes her greeting on a white board.

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Riley, in the Initiative HQ, writes his question.

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Well, looking like a left-over from Dark City, we have The Gentlemen.

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Which Giles explains.

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Willow suggests playing something spoken on a CD to kill them.

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Tara, the quiet shy girl at the Wicca meet, finds out where Willow is, and sets off.

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The Gentlemen chase Tara. In a panic she bangs on doors, waking Willow.

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Willow goes to see what the fuss is, Tara runs right into her. They see The Gentleman and run.

I should point out, the Gentlemen float about a foot off of the ground, leading again to comparisons with Dark City.

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Buffy gets Riley to smash the correct thing in the clock tower. She, Buffy, screamed, and the Gentlemen's heads exploded.

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Willow and Tara meet up afterwards. Tara tells Willow that she does magic, she's always done it, and Willow is special.

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Willow - "I'm definitely nothing special."
Tara - No, you are.

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Buffy finally met Riley in commando gear. So they need to sit and talk about this. And they sit. And they sit. And fade to black.

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