Buffy, episode 4.12

("A new man")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Buffy and Riley share an intimate moment, described in Joseph B's lurid transcript as "On the brink of Steven Bochco territory". Then Willow bursts in with a "we've got trouble" message.
Note Willow's "As seen on TV!" sweatshirt. Is this Alyson's or Joss' sense of humour, or maybe a viewer sent it in?

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Spike getting himself organised.

anm02.jpeg; 18K


And taking time over it.

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Giles reads is dusting. Suddenly remembering, he lifts down a book and reads.
Giles - "Oh, crap!"

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Looking in an old crypt, Xander, Willow and Giles decide maybe the information was wrong. They turn to leave.

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Willow and Xander go. Giles returns, thinking he heard something. It's Ethan Rayne.

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Willow and Anya get together to try a spell to pluck the petals from a red rose.
(sickeningly symbolic, huh?)

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It floats, illuminated, shades of 'American Beauty' here...

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Well, the spell didn't quite work. The rose goes nutzoid, then returns, burnt and smoking. But, look on the bright side, the petals are off!


Willow is getting herself breakfast at the campus café.

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Willow discusses how her spell went so badly wrong, describing it like "a rose-based missile".

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Giles, meanwhile, woke up as Fyarl demon. After scaring Xander, then some grannies and mommies, Giles bumps into Spike, who it happens can speak Fyarl. Spike has to drive, as one of the side effects of being a Fyarl demon is the urge to destroy stuff simply for the sake of destroying stuff.

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In Giles' place, the gang see it looks slightly trashed, and wonder for Giles' safety. They look to see if they can figure out what has happened.

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Giles (as the demon) tumbles out of the car at a corner. The hummer pursuing the Citröen doesn't notice, and they keep chasing Spike. Another hummer joins, Spike takes a sharp turn causing the first hummer to lose control, the second screeching to a halt to avoid a collision. Spike looks in the rearview mirror and says "You just try and stop me, you stupid ja....", but he wasn't looking where he was going!

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