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Episode five of "Touched by an Angel" (series one) was called "Cassie's Choice", and featured Alyson Hannigan.

You can read the official episode description here.

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Cassie giving birth to the baby.

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It's done. Cassie is comforted by Monica (an angel).

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Cassie in bed afterwards, surrounded by friends.

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As Cassie's boyfriend signs away the rights to the baby, Cassie puts on a brave face and gives us that smile we all know and love...

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Cassie's first meeting with the baby. An adoptee mother isn't supposed to see her baby, but she asked anyhow.

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The next we see, Cassie is walking into a railway station...

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...asking how much a ticket to where her boyfriend is playing would be. Too much, so how far can she get with twenty dollars?

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Meanwhile, Tess (the grumpy Angel with the many bad-hair days) is asking Monica what went wrong. She (Monica) had better follow after Cassie. Tess, however, is reluctant to part with the keys to the car.

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Cassie no sooner walks from the railway station and tries to hitch a ride when Monica turns up. "Are you following me?"

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Monica gives Cassie a lift to where her no-good-useless-turd of a boyfriend is playing.
It starts off with Cassie, "I changed my mind"; the boyfriend replying "We made a mistake, not a family", "I should be somewhere else, so should the baby...and so should you"; then Cassie telling him to "Go get drunk or something", obviously upset, she tells him to "Drop dead" (he doesn't, unfortunately).

Full size images are 37K and 34K, 384 by 284


Cassie gets a room in a rather naff motel, as Monica said, "It has a nice view of the neon sign", and she tells Monica she can take it from here...
But to pay for a few more nights, she must sell the last thing she has in her possession, her flute.

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While Cassie is sleeping, Monica wakes her from afar and tells her that something is wrong with the baby...

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...I can't remember the name, but the baby has a different bloodtype to Cassie, so there's an internal war raging as the baby is trying to detoxify itself.
Cassie got the baby to hospital just in time.

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Cassie runs out of the hospital in a blind panic, upset about the baby and how she almost killed her... when she bumps into Monica, who explains a few things and returns Cassie's flute to her.
This is when Monica tells Cassie that she is an Angel, only the usual bright lights are nowhere to be seen.

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Cassie explains to Monica that she had no idea that being a mother was like this. "It is so ... every moment!".

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Cassie returns home and apologises first and foremost to her mother, who made dinner every night in case...
Mother is understanding. She knew that "everything had been planned, except for how you would feel".

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Cassie is invited to the christening (though, it is a Jewish service - I think), where she learns that the baby's new parents plan to name her 'Faith', because they had learnt a lot about faith over the past few days.

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Finally, Cassie asks for a few moments alone with Faith. There, she plays a little tune on her flute.
"You won't remember this Faith, but I will...".

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Techie stuff...

"Touched by an Angel" was recorded off of a broadcast by The Disney Channel, on analogue satellite (Astra).
The VHS tape was played back, with a Compaq Presario 7210 grabbing images with a Typhoon TV tuner card, at 1:2 frame size (384 x 284).
The image grabber software stored images in .DIB format (duh!), so PaintShopPro 3 was used to batch convert the lot to high quality JPEGs.
My RISC OS machine was not used for digitising these images, as the number of colours is currently 256 maximum - the PC allowed me to save images in 'TruColor' (24bit, to non-Americans).
The images were batch converted with ChangeFSI on RISC OS to create the thumbnail images. This HTML document was written by hand in a file editor (!Edit), and the whole thing assembled and tested with my web browser, !Fresco (currently using 1312K of memory, in total).

You may notice two artefacts. Firstly, the extreme left and right edges look corrupted. The left edge looks like a sliver of another part of the picture, and the right hand edge is a black bar. This is, strangely enough, correct. The extreme edges of the image are used by VideoCrypt to re-assemble the picture, and they are not visible on a normal television set, though they are visible in the digitised image because it displays the entire frame.
The tiny curruption at the extreme bottom of the picture is, most likely, due to a small misalignment with the video recorder. It seems automatic tracking doesn't like frequent starts and stops!


Disney Channel on analogue satellite. Gee, giving my age away there... ;^)
And my RiscPC can match the PC in terms of colour depth. Only the PC's video framestore is better because my RISC OS one only captures every other field. I guess I should get some more memory fitted into it!

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