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29th October 2000


I have often said that it is a terrible shame to let hard work coding be dropped. I won't say "go to waste" because sometimes the coding is a commercial success.
However, when a person or company stops developing for the RISC OS platform for whatever reasons they may have, they often take with them the code. A notable exception here is Webite (DoggySoft), which is a basic HTML 2.0 web browser written entirely in assembler (oh wow!) and sources are available from right here!
But consider another example. Computer Concepts.
I, personally, did not click with Impression's way of working, but I have seen the system in use, and would never claim that it didn't have style and power. The same goes for ArtWorks. But now Computer Concepts have gone on with bigger better things (like Xara) and do not actively develop for RISC OS any more. A number of people still use their software, and I really do think it is a shame to just say "okay, let's call it a day" and stop. Really stop.
What I would like to see, and what I will put to various companies/individuals if I can track them down, is to have the old no-longer-used source code publically released.
After all, if it is now a piece of Acorn history, what does the person concerned have to lose?

Think about it.

Surely, you'll agree that this can only be a Good Thing for practically everybody concerned?



I will be looking through back-issues of various RISC OS magazines, and looking to see what good software we had, but is unfortunately no longer in active development. And, if I can track down those concerned, I will put this question to them. I am hoping to secure the releasal of some good source code, so that we may pool together and get some good applications back into development. But all this depends upon many factors. So, at this moment in time, all I can do is hope - and try to write something really convincing.



Please please email me with your comments. I really would love to know if you feel as strongly about this issue as I do, or if you have different ideas. Or maybe you once developed for RISC OS? Would you be willing to release your source?

Email heyrick1973 -at- yahoo -dot co -dot uk



29th July 2007


As I have been using my PC a lot, and my RiscPC barely, I have decided that support for some projects just isn't going to happen any more. These are primarily BBS doors and utilities that were last updated a decade ago. I have, also, decided upon a full source release of my teletext software because the era of teletext in the UK is likely to mostly disappear with the last analogue signals - so perhaps we teletext fans should enjoy it while we can!

Here is the old source code - have fun!


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