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Last updated: 21-Aug-2001 (mirrored at this location 2002/03/25)

Webite is a free (updated) version of the HTML 3.2 web browser that was part of DoggySoft's Termite Internet package.
It is now a standalone application, rather like other RISC OS browsers. Webite does not require Termite Internet to operate (it uses Acorn's Internet module, via a TermiteIP-wrapper).
Anyone who currently uses ArcWeb, Webster(XL), Fresco, Oregano, or Browse can try out releases of Webite from this site.

At this moment in time, there are no newer builds of Webite which are suitable for use with Doggysoft's Termite Internet. It is hoped that once the bugs are ironed out with the 'Acorn Internet' version, a Termite Internet release can be made.



As of the 25th of March 2002, the Webite development stuff is being hosted here at HeyRick. The original Webite Central (at http://www.nctv.freeserve.co.uk/webite.html) is no longer operating, and it was not so easy obtaining the sources to Webite.
Most of the content is as it was in the original Webite Central, and most of the software is as it was.


Easter Sunday, 2002

Added the bug-fixed WebIcon source.


Original news

Due to difficulties with developing Webite 1.50, a snapshot of the current (under development) sources have been released onto the file area of this site.
It is easy to build the program from the sources, but multiple windows do not work yet.
Please take a look at the 'snapshot'!!!

The WimpExt module (in the '!WimpExt' application, and all Webite releases) was found to be broken. If you experience any 'Library in use' errors, please download Webite 1.50 or later, and/or the '!WimpExt' application (which has been updated).

Webite 1.49 is still here, Note that you can read the release notes without downloading the whole program.


Downloads and information

Webite 1.49

Webite 1.49 is a small, fast, HTML 2.0 compliant web browser.
The Webite icon allows multiple windows to be opened by running multiple copies of Webite.
The memory required by Webite 1.49 to view this page (including the image) is a mere 340K (by way of contrast, Fresco takes 1880K with an additional 440K dynamic area).

The separate 'WimpExt' program will cure the 'Library in use' errors which you may see. It must be run during your computer's pre-desktop boot sequence. With Acorn's modern boot sequences, you would typically copy the '!WimpExt' application into '$.!Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk'.


Webite 1.50

Webite 1.50 is a small, fast, HTML 3.2 (except tables) compliant web browser.
This version does not seem to run multiple sessions at this time.
The memory required by Webite 1.50 to view this page (including the image) is a mere 332K.


Support materials



Releases of Webite from this site are classified as freeware. Except for the contents of !Webite.RMStore, they may be freely modified and/or re-distributed.


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