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Things around here have a name. On this blog, you'll soon come across that.

To save you wondering "who or what is Marte" or "Felicity?", I've created this page. A quick reference, if you will...



Alyson (ancient)

My RiscPC.


Amy (ancient)

My first RISC OS machine, an A3000.


Angela (ancient)

My A5000. And me? If that was '94 then I was 20 or 21...



The noisy moving stomach on legs that is my new kitten.


Anna (ancient)

An A310 running Arthur 1.20!



My EeePC 901. Here, I'm in bed watching a recording of a low budget horror movie... (in 2009!)



Beagleboard xM, that I was sent as a gift! Not used much in many years due to nothing I had liking its HDMI output; now have a little screen that works, so it can run (from time to time) as a file sharer for backups and such using ShareFS.
It is, however, what got me back into the RISC OS scene, using the S-video output and a video capture card on the EeePC!



My current, and second, car. A newer (2013, 42500km), slightly less noisy, horrifically expensive Aixam GTO (City something-or-other). This car has more nicities than Felicity, but internally it's the same engine and the same drive mechanism, just with a different body attached.
It's an Irish girl's name. It is usually pronouced either kwee-va (the way I say it) or kee-va.


Felicity (no longer)

My first car (actually, my third, but this was the first one I drove). An ancient (1997, 58000kms but I don't believe that), noisy, horrifically expensive Aixam 400SL. But, she's the car that taught me to dive. And the photo above is me, in Châteaubriant, three days after having received my car, having never driven before in my life.
Unfortunately the rear (gearbox) pulley was duff. I had a replacement fitted, which required taking the entire engine out. That, too, packed up in around 7 months. I don't know if it was a faulty part or if it was incorrectly fitted. I had to have a local garage do it (and it cost a lot!) because the first lockdown that we had in France meant that I couldn't have the Aixam people do it, they were not allowed to go and pick up cars.
I wanted to buy Caoimhe and keep Felicity as the "plan B" and then eventually sell her on, but unfortunately the likely cost of repair was more than I'd be likely to get for her, especially considering I've already spent over a thousand on repairs...
I pretty much expected a story like that when buying a car from 1997, however Mom's death was pretty quick, it didn't leave much time to prepare (and it, too, cost a lot), and I needed some sort of cheap transportation quickly. Which Felicity was.
If you wonder about me describing a €3500 car and >€1000 repairs as "cheap", Caiomhe cost €6800 and they're over twice this new.
The salesman offered me €800 in part exchange for the new car, and I accepted as at least this way I come out a little ahead.



Our reliable Citroën C1 (shown raised off the ground so it doesn't count as a car as a non-licenced driver cannot insure it). Mom named her.


Kiichigo / Pi / Pi2 / RaspberryPi

The Raspberry Pi that is my server. Originally a Pi 1, now a Pi 2. My older SD card called the machine Kiichigo (Japanese for <drum roll> raspberry), later versions just call it RaspberryPi.



The iPad Mini, originally running iOS 6, updated to iOS 7. Never updated further as mom took it over as her device, and I didn't want to risk messing anything up.
Kiseki is the Japanese word for miracle, because I won it in a competition.



Black cat, in Japanese. It's the name of my desktop PC, the dc7100SFF with a 2.8GHz Pentium4 and some mucked around with version of XP.



An old and capricious ride-on mower that, when it gets itself going, helps me sort out the grass in hours instead of days/weeks.
Marte is the Spanish word for the planet Mars. See, not everything is Japanese!


Mom (deceased)

While everybody has a mom, this mom was the only one that matters to me, and is also the most amazing person I've ever met. I don't need to say more, there's commentary here and there all over my site.


Nou (deceased)

Nou, or Nounou, is short for Nouradine. A Moroccan name, I think. Mom named him. He was a cat who was fiercly protective of his humans, especially mom, and hated other cats. The neighbourhood cats learned very quickly not to mess with Nou. And I often had to calm him down when he came back home covered in blood and fur. Their blood and fur, not his. If there's a feline equivalent of Chuck Norris, it was Nou.



The twat nice person that writes this rubbish content.


(Some) Pig

Some Pig, or just Pig for short, is the walk-behind mower. The serious muncher of weeds and stuff. It's slow, but it can cope with stuff that Marte cannot manage.
The name comes from Charlotte's Web.


Tiny (Alice) (deceased)

My (original) cat, sadly deceased (in 2016). She was game for anything, so long as she could then go to sleep. I knew her from a newborn.



Wawa, a kitten we rescued from the side of the road. Wawa is short for konnichiwa, as in Hello Kitty... okay, I'll go get my coat...


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