The Eurovision Song Contest 2009

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The Eurovision Song Contest 2009
(from Moscow / МОСКВА (?), Russia / РОССИЯ).


This is all a very rough version. The semi-finals have pictures and most markup. The final is just the plaintext version of my review as written live.
The pictures are all kinda rough.
You will notice that several odd punctuation appears, like "Mikulc\/i/k". These are notes to myself to mean "mikul, c-with-upside-down-circumflex, i-with-acute-accent, k".

Because of my job and the lack of time, I am putting my reviews up in an unfinished state. They will be tidied, cross-links added, some of the writeup enhanced, typos fixed, language information added, etc etc. But they might take me weeks. If you don't mind rough'n'ready, you can read it all now. ☺





JUNIOR Eurovision Song Contest 2009
(from Kiev, Ukraine).


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