Acorn Teletext Adapter

Many thanks to John Williams for the Acorn Teletext Adapter.


IMPORTANT: This device connects to the BBC microcomputer using the 1MHz bus.
It appears as if the 1MHz bus is performing more than a 'simple' bit-bashing in order to generate I2C - which means more specialised hardware may be required in order to interface the Acorn Teletext Adapter to modern (RISC OS) computers.
I have, sadly, not yet been able to find any specifics of how this thing works, and my knowledge of 6502 isn't good enough to disassemble the ATS ROM.
What I'm saying, basically, is this device is documented here as it is a piece of both teletext history and Acorn history; however it is not supported by my !Teletext, nor is it supported by the driver module...
I would like to do something about this, but - for the time being - don't hold your breath...

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