Teletext (v1.57; 10th February 2004)
[& WinTTX (available here)]


This software, !Teletext, is designed to work with 'standard IIC teletext receivers'. This is primarily the Ground Control / Octopus Systems receiver in the cream/brown or grey/cream metal box; but I have had reports that other receivers such as the Morley receiver will work.

GC ttx box; JPEG 20K

This software is free and self-contained (both RISC OS, DOS, and Windows versions). If you have a receiver connected via your IIC bus, you'll have nothing to lose by downloading this software any trying it.

RISC OS: If you are not sure what I mean by "IIC bus", then does your teletext lead plug into your podule bus? If it does, then it should be compatible. If it plugs in anywhere else, like your printer port, then it may not work.
DOS/WINDOWS: You will need to make a special lead which connects to your parallel port.

Example screenshot; GIF 35K

About Teletext

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If you already have !Teletext, or you're interested in finding out more... The current version of !Teletext is v1.57, script interpreter v1.07. The userguide has not been updated for this version.




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