Buffy, episode 3.15




Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Check out Buffy's sheep pyjamas!

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Willow, growing slowly more distant from Buffy.

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What Willow gets up to when alone.

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Buffy comes around, Willow chews her out for ditching her. Buffy breaks down and confesses everything, about the man that was slain (in Bad Girls), and about how Faith just doesn't seem to care.

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The gang meet.

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And Xander lets out that he slept with Faith. Willow's expression says it all.

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But, if that wasn't enough, Willow still has feelings for Xander despite Oz. Feelings that could be disguised as constipation.

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Well, the new watcher overhears Giles and the gang plotting to do the right thing for Faith. But he, stuck-up little jobsworth that he is, decides to call the Watcher's Council and have Faith taken to England to face trial. It all goes very very wrong. But you aren't interested in that, you want Willow pictures. So here's another from the end of this episode...

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