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Clair de lune

The photos are a bit fuzzy because I was holding a basic digital camera to the eyepiece of the telescope, trading off exposure against shakies. I'll need to sort out some form of camera mount...

The moon (1 of 3)
What is impressive here, the sadly doesn't show so well, is the size of the craters on the right side of the picture. The moon's craters are massive. Think of the impact.
Speaking of which, lower left of the picture is a smaller crater with what appears to be trails of stuff having been flung out. What I find odd is, um, shouldn't planet Earth have been in the way? Or was this a near miss that hit the moon instead?

The moon (2 of 3)
This is, essentially, a not terribly good attempt to get a close-up of the edge craters.

The moon (3 of 3)
A pretty naff picture, this. Oh well.


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Rob, 3rd May 2010, 17:17
Nice pics ... look forward to the un-shakeycam versions! 
I've just viewed the site in a few different browsers - see how many you can attribute to me. (Clue: love the "woo retro" comment!)
Robin, 4th May 2010, 10:14
That's not a crater, that's where the laser beam comes out to blow planets up. It's only MEANT to look like a crater, because it's a trap. 

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