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Video camera and edit deck

At a vide grenier today, I dropped some money on a video camera and a smart edit deck. It is always a gamble to buy stuff like this in what is effectively a boot sale; and this is true as the video camera is not exactly dead, but very far from working. Sadly it doesn't output a picture, so I cannot use it even just as a monitor camera.
It isn't all gloom. I also have a Sony edit console. I'm not sure quite what I'll use this for ☺ as a computer can do a lot of this stuff with rather more simplicity; though I did use it just now to control my video camera using the LANC protocol; and given the shuttle and timer, it also works out better than controlling the camera by hand, or by its own remote control. And, besides, I'd wanted one of these for like the entirety of the '90s!

Here's a short video talking about it. [16:9 anamorphic]

PS: The naffed camera is a 500E, not 500V as I said in the video. Oops!


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Rick, 26th July 2010, 05:01
I have made another video, PAR 64:48 which reports as being 16:9, so I'll upload this tomorrow to replace the current...
  • Replacement video uploaded and linked above.

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