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Edited, revised, 2011/02/18.

When I encounter problems at work, I leave a message on the form where we sign what we've done. You know, the bit on the form that says we should report problems encountered.

Yesterday, when I went to work, I saw this:

Message from the Quality Girl.

My reply:

Message to the Quality Girl.
[sadly, I think the tone of the message will be missed on her]

Aside: I love how elsewhere in her message she wants us to report broken things to the maintenance guys... after last year telling us we didn't have the right to speak to them but had to leave a message for her (to vet?).

2011/02/18: I had written some more about this, but I have deleted it now. Because it seems like I am not being offered any sort of responsibility. At first I was miffed, this coupled with us frequently being forgotten (for example, posted on the wall the other day was a list of dates for the yearly "how is everything" interviews... with one name missing... guess who).

But now I am not annoyed. I am polite to the quality girl and the other green-hats. For the way I see it is if I am not supposed to have any responsibilities, I will not assume any. But, Sarko had better watch out while bleating about how wonderful capitalism is, for this means I will not "take the initiative" either. It is part'n'parcel. I'll just come in, do my job, go home. No worries. And if the sky falls, I'll be looking at the floor.
Between you and me, it seems a crazy way to run a company, where "the message" is less important than the chain of command and who gets to talk to who, but I guess they think it works for them. I just have a feeling one day that outlook will bite them in the ass. But, hey, I'm a lowly blue-hat. It isn't my problem...

What? Hang on, did.... It isn't my problem.


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