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Industrial accident, arrgh!

So after doing the usual, I grab a pressure-container full of Divosan to use. The pressure container is a basic pump action thing, like one might use in a garden to toss around liquid fertiliser, or weedkiller. And Divosan is an industrial strength nasty bad-ass disinfectant. I bet it's a distant relative of Agent Orange...

Now, my cow-orker replenished the thing, and I think he makes it up a little bit stronger than I do. Also, it seems he hasn't quite sussed that it is air under pressure that makes the thing work, so if it is completely filled...

Can you see what is coming? The spray was weak, so I gave it a pump and...

Ended up with the pressure relief valve jettisoning rather a lot of it straight up.

So I am sitting here with what might be a mild chemical burn on my cheek, and a sore eye. As I'm sure you can imagine, when I threw everything on the floor (face mask, glasses, etc) and went to the sink to wash myself down, I prioritised my eye.

Here's a photo. As you can see my good looks are not at risk as I never had any to begin with. I may suffer some after-effect on my cheek, but the body can recover from stupid sunburn so I'm hoping it'll be similar here. At least, after some TLC from mom squirting some (cold!) saline water into my eye, that feels a lot better.
And yes, an accident report form was filled out.

Annotated photo of me (avert your eyes now).
Yay! A close-up of my face! Happy nightmares, dude! ☺

Divosan (JohnsonDiversey), according to the datasheet, is a high-activity oxidising disinfectant based on peracetic acid. Wonderful. So if my face falls off, at least I can be assured it is really really clean. I bet right now I have the cleanest right eyeball in all of France (unless some other poor sod got it worse than me).

The thing that annoys me the most? It happened at 22h10. My shift finishes at 00h30 and I don't work Friday right now and I have the next week off.
My luck is like that.
But isn't the statistical average that it is all neither here nor there? So if I get some bad luck, I ought to be due some good luck to balance the score. So fingers crossed that I win a reasonable amount on the Euroloto so I can say "screw you" to anything in a big plastic cannister that has "CORROSIVE" written across it. While my job is "good" that I can more or less work alone and get on with it, and it is a near zero stress job (I come, I do my stuff, I go), the chemicals I get to play with are decidedly less pleasant.
Let's see... the usual cleaning agent is "Delladet". Compared to the rest, this is like basic washing liquid (though it would probably make you seriously ill if you treated it as such). The stuff I usually use is a mousse called "Unifoam" (corrosive!) which is called a high-sequestering agent. You know those washing powder adverts where the dirt just "falls off"? Imagine that on a massive scale. It is a pretty effective cleaner. The steriliser/disinfector, we've already met. That is Divosan. Catches the back of my throat too. There are also bleach tablets, added to water to make bleach (duh!). This stuff could trounce the likes of Domestos without even trying, but, again, it is fairly inoffensive in comparison. And there's Pascal, a concentrated nitric acid solution. You undo the lid of that container, you can actually see the stuff sort of steaming. Now, you know if you want to bleach a stain on the floor you add bleach, wait like ten minutes, and it fades away? Well, make up the Pascal solution, put it into a little cup, chuck it on the floor. The stain is gone before your eyes can even register. Stuff just disappears. Gives me the heebeegeebees, so you'll understand when I say I rarely go near Pascal.

Anyway, I'm doing what any slighted man does best - I'm sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself. Of course, it took three Sweet Sakuras and a hot bath to get here. With some appropriate music, of course.

I believe in comfort food. So tomorrow I'm going to get myself a big bag of croissants (can't afford a black forest right now). I'm going to eat every single one, unrolling them and eating the crunchy outsides and saving the soft fluffy insides for last. Mmmm, I feel better just thinking about that. I love it when a plan comes together.


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Rob, 4th March 2011, 08:43
eeeeks :(
Mick, 4th March 2011, 11:04
That is terrible. I hope you don't have any long lasting injuries. In future, well until you win the lottery, fill your own pressure sprayer because at least you inderstand the basic concept of how it works. If the cow your new cow or the green hatted cow? If so it goes to show only jits make management.
Mick, 4th March 2011, 11:06
My lexdyxia is getting worst!!! Line 2 should read "Is your cow" not "if" And jits on swine 3 should be ejits!.
opal, 4th March 2011, 16:33
My sympathy, Rick. Get back the normal soon. 
As for anime - I recently discovered the healing effect of it too :). Death Note is my favorite at the moment. All by Hayao Miyazaki is highly valued too. Can you advise something similar judging on these two I liked the most ? 
Rick, 4th March 2011, 18:49
Thanks for your comments. It feels a bit better today. 
Opal - everybody into serious (non-fluffy) animé ought to see "Serial Experiments Lain". I think you might also enjoy the film "Summer Wars".

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