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My birthday and The Tree of Doom!

So a storm was forecast. The sky didn't seem too bad, although large parts of France were on alert.

So I went to work. It became windy a little after nine, but we weren't losing power or anything.

A rather upset mom called me at quarter to two, so I went on break and talked for the duration.


Here's the weather data for that night:

Our wind speeds
[bottom of screenshot clipped to save space]

As you can see, we officially had hurricane force winds, and for a prolonged period.

And here is what happened:

Tree, 1
The heap of stuff you see in the foreground is what we did upon returning from work (well, some of it, the rest was moved out of the way), at half five in the morning, with 50-80kph winds, and rain; in order that we could walk around the front of the house. A large branch missed the house by inches.

So I finally went to bed at about nine, fell asleep at eleven-ish, got up at two to go shopping, and tried (and failed) to sleep between six and eight. At work I was asked, by some shocked girls, if I felt as bad as I looked. Which means, at least, I looked as bad as I felt. ☺

I got a cookbook from mom, and two cards from friends. More on these when I can put together a coherent thought...

For now, here's some video:


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joe, 20th December 2011, 03:31
Happy birthday Rick
Rob, 20th December 2011, 22:48
Many happy returns. And eeeks re the tree..

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