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My friend Mick arrived on the evening of the 27th. I got the tent sorted for him, and as he'd be spending three nights there, also an inflatable mattress. I think he might have had the best bed in the place!

It was nice to be able to talk with somebody on my wavelength, though I toned down the hardcore geekery a little and tried valliantly to introduce him to animé (after dispelling the idea that it is "just for children").
Jinrui wa suitai shimashita came in useful here. First with the honourable suicide of the bread - watch it here, it'll blow your mind; and then following up with infamous chickens - YouTube link for something seriously strange, and continues here to make damn sure that we won't forget purōsesuto chīkensu in a hurry!

I also introduced Mick to my zany style of cuisine - chicken nuggets (argh!!! purōsesuto chīkensu!!!), along with Japanese rice (as in, actually from Japan), and Uncle Ben's (fairly mild) mexican chili sauce.

Japanese rice

Having tried a variety of different types of rice, it seems this one and my rice maker are made for each other. The odd thing is I discovered it in a small "Intermarché" supermarket in a nowhere country town. I have tracked down a supplier (if they don't restock), so long as I don't mind it in five kilo sacs!

On Saturday we worked in the garden. Mick was not afraid of getting stuck in, to the extent of ripping small trees and such out of the ground. We did some epic work, but the photos are on the other camera so I'll post some up soon.

Sunday, a vide grenier. A small one. It was quite well attended given the weather was a bit iffy. The young girl (blonde, back to the camera, about a third of the way from the left of the photo) is wearing black buckle-up shoes and white socks. Somewhat British-school-uniformy, so it wasn't a surprise to overhear her speaking in English. It's a game we play, "Spot the Brit". It is getting harder as it seems some Frenchies are picking up their sense of fashion from the visiting Brits and, well, that's never a good thing. Other Frenchies seem to have their wardrobe ravaged by The Bad Trouser Fairy. Maybe in times of austerity it is harder to look "chic"?

Vide grenier

And soon the darkness. The clouds came, the rains fell, falling on my head like a memory.

Vide grenier in the rain
The picture is blurry as my phone really wanted to focus on the rain, not the... you know... scene. Duh.

But it wasn't all bad - I think I probably found my vide grenier find of all time. A 16:9 flat screen monitor, an LG Flatron 192WS. It is a 19" flatscreen monitor. Nice and bright, not too blurry (given it is an analogue input), 1440×900 resolution, nice colour response (and can be set up as I like it).
The photo is of Jinrui and to the lower right, a playmo-person to give an idea of size.


There is a small scratch on the monitor, as can be seen here:

Monitor scratch

In the full-screen picture, you can just (if you try hard) see the scratch. Look above the fairies, to the tallest bit of the green bush to the immediate right of the tree trunk.

The setup works, the display works, the controls all work, the hidden service menu works, and I even downloaded a service guide with fault-finding and schematics. So, scratch aside, this monitor seems to be okay.

It cost me €3.

Yeah, a little under two pounds fifty.



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