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How to install RISC OS on a RaspberryPi

Installing RISC OS on a RaspberryPi is simple.

You'll need five things:

  1. A Windows computer (others can be used, but you're on your own)
  2. The RISC OS image - ... click on Downloads
  3. A RaspberryPi
  4. Win32DiskImager -
  5. A 2GiB SD card (it must be 2 gigabytes)

The video tutorial below will explain how to install RISC OS, and also how to set it up to be useful if you don't have an HD monitor but are stuck with composite video.


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Bryn Evans, 28th December 2012, 17:29
Hi Rick, 
Just read your answers to the riscos newby in the Rool forum. Well explained - As an Acorn nut from 1983 I think your explanations are very apt and succinct.
Rick, 1st January 2013, 16:49
English language subtitles are now available. 
If anybody would be interested in providing subtitles in their own language (French, German, Dutch, etc); I have put the original subtitle file at for you to use as a template, especially with respect to the timings.

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