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From zero to WTF

Look up. Enjoy the stars.

Now watch this:

Attempt to get your head around the enormity of it. So much nothingness that we - possibly the only sentient life around - are such an insignificant speck that we practically don't count.

And ask yourself - why are we, as a species, so hell bent on embracing mythology and slaughtering each other over it? Sticking your fingers in your ears is not going to make the universe go away. Killing people who are different is not going to please a non-existent God. It is freaking huge and we, stupid cretin mammals that we are, are still stuck arguing about arbitrary country demarcations. We're pretty much doomed by our own hand.


And then there's this

Just to keep on the same sort of "oh crap" note, I came across this video a few days ago. The title, "Little Girl Pees On a Rollercoaster While Crying" is a basic, if incorrect, description. It's not a rollercoaster, it's one of those bungee-ball things. And... crying? Not exactly. They at least got the pee part right.

If you're impatient, the action starts at +30s. Girl on the right manages a decent scream. Girl on the left, after an extremely delayed reation (I'm not entirely sure she was fully conscious on the way up), it takes her a full sixteen seconds to have a reaction, but whoa!, what a reaction. If you haven't clicked on the play button, go do it now.
This sort of thing is supposed to be amusing clickbait, but I just found it really disturbing. Once the little girl shuts up, the older one starts up with stuff like "and if I die, tell my momma I love her". Yup. I don't know if little girl's reaction had been messing with the older girl, but it's like they both seem to expect that "this is the end".
Like I said. Disturbing.


And to tie these together

Keeping with the themes of body functions and WTF, my mother and I were at a nearby McDo the other day, when we saw this. This, practically right outside the main door, by the entrance to the car park, and that's the child's play area in the background.
Absolutely bloody shameful. And it isn't as if McDo doesn't provide toilets or brat-changing facilities. What kind of arrogant lazy-ass revolting parent lets its offspring do their business in a public eating establishment? Would you let child do this in your own kitchen, next to the cat's litter tray perhaps? You know what? On second thoughts, just don't answer that.


Now on a lighter note

Wawa. Or Mew-chan.

It took her a while, but she's worked out that she's supposed to sit inside the cat-house Mom got, and not sit on it.



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David Pilling, 20th September 2016, 15:25
As HHGTG says "space is big, really big". What's worse atoms are full of nothing - mostly you are space. Countries don't exist? try saying some of the above in another one. What we know is only what we know now, tomorrow we will know more - which might change your opinion. For example mostly extraterrestrial life manages to kill itself, so that's our destiny.
jgh, 21st September 2016, 18:21
Is it a French MacD?

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