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Raspberry Pi 2

I got myself a Raspberry Pi 2 from The Pi Hut. Waited for a plastic case from Amazon, and was looking forward to turning it on and getting it set up. That was the plan.
Unfortunately, the machine won't boot. The two LEDs light up and... that's it. OSMC from the Pi 1, NOOBS installed fresh, RISC OS from the Pi 1... nothing starts. Nothing wants to work.

I mailed The Pi Hut to ask if they had any suggestions. They said to try the official NOOBS distribution. So I did, even though I think we can be pretty damn sure that if it doesn't even attempt to look at the SD card, it isn't going to get far with NOOBS. I made a video of it, and linked it to them. I now have a returns number to get a refund or replacement. I think I'll go for a replacement as I want a more powerful Pi without the 'quirks' of the ARMv8.


WTF? Christmas already?

The local newspaper carried an article on this a couple of days after I took this photo:

That's my local supermarket. It isn't even Halloween (me) / Toussaint (Frenchies) and the supermarkets are rolling out the Christmas presents. What the hell?

I just hope we won't have to put up with bloody carol-musak for two months. That's enough to make a person homicidal...


Playmo Expo

Went to a Playmobil Expo today. A bit of a drive to get there, but not a bad idea for an otherwise miserable rainy Sunday.
There were demonstrations in the middle, and stuff for sale on the outsides. Some of the things were off the scale expensive, some things were a lot cheaper than I expected. So my wallet is a little lighter today. But it was nice to look for "just the right thing" from a big collection of stuff. I would have liked "the metro" (a Playmobil train set) for no other reason than it was pretty cool. But it wasn't for sale. And if it was, it'd have been out of my price range.

Some photos. Here's an overview. Not big, but not bad for something put together by a small local group.

Here's part of the farm scene:

A big American fort. Hint - the blue guys won, the grey guys didn't:

And since the blue guys were stronger, next to the fort is an entire town!

And finally, that train:



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