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Welcome to the 2016 Advent Calendars

This year, three Advent Calendars:
  • The obligatory Playmobil. This time, a sort of Christmas farm theme.
  • Celebrations chocolates.
  • Organic tea

More about this in a mo. But first, the video!


Don't need to say anything about Playmo, I do it every year.

With the exception of a giant sized Fererro Rock (or however that's spelled), this year's chocolates will only be "Celebrations". Why? Because of what happened last spring. When a person, in Germany I think, found a piece of plastic in one of the chocolates. In response to that, the company pulled everything. The tail end of Valentines Day and completely missing Easter, two of the big chocolate-eating festivals in the year. I bet the bean counters at the company suffered mass incontinence. But, give the company credit - they didn't fob us off with rubbish like "it is an isolated incident". They put the customers before profit. So for that, my chocolate of choice is Celebrations.
That said, I did buy a large Toblerone bar that I will open on the 24th. Mostly to see if it looks like Toblerone ought to, of if it is the "new improved" design.

Organic tea. Mom found an advent calendar that sounded interesting - it was that American company that makes scented candles and it was one a day. But it was expensive. Amazon, finally showing some sort of intelligence, suggested that I might like a calendar with organic teas, a tea per day. Good call.
But then Amazon excelled. I ordered it Sunday evening, and they must have decided that, being date sensitive, to bump it up the queue. It was sent before the book I ordered earlier, and arrived here on Tuesday. Pretty impressive.

So that's what it is this year. Playmo, a fun sized chocolate bar, and an organic tea. I hope you'll join me every day for the opening.



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