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My blog been kind of quiet recently? That's because I was cooking a few things. Here's the first...

Frobnicate #31 (yes, really)

Frobnicate is back... en français!
I have written "just one more" edition of Frobnicate, in French. Well, sort of French.
Entirely created on RISC OS, and published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

I know that Frobnicate #30, in 2008, was to be the final issue […]. I was not planning on writing another issue of Frobnicate, however the irrepressible David Feugey of RISC OS FR talked me into it. And with Brexit on the horizon, it seemed like a good opportunity to see how much my French sucks!

You can download Frobnicate #31 from here:

You can check out all of the back issues on a crappy auto-generated pages (seriously, do not look at the markup) at:

Or if you're using a PC/Linux/Android/tablet/SmartPotato you can get the first 12 issues as PDFs from this very blog, I did it a little under two years ago:


For my efforts at massacring the French language, I win a Raspberry Pi (original model B with half a GiB onboard), but more than that I get to be on the roll call of winners.
So could you, if you have an idea that David likes (look at entry #13!).



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Hello Frobnicate!, 25th February 2017, 10:16
It was worth waiting for this all those years!
Gavin Wraith, 25th February 2017, 11:56
Congratulations on edition 31. I would try this in French, but it is much worse than yours, my keyboard does not do accents and I am a lazy Anglophone. I am not, however, a Brexiter, and I am deeply ashamed of my country. I suppose the real rot started with Thatcher; her housing policies and the resulting immiseration of half the population have led to disaster. We all live in fear of populist fascism now. 
Yes, I hope that the French language regains a bit more of its old lustre, and that French rationality and liberalism will find its voice. Alas, the British voices that I had hoped to hear stay muffled by the paralysis of philistinism and anti-intellectualism that has always been the Achilles heel of the Anglophone world. 
I do not know what to call myself any longer.
Zerosquare, 26th February 2017, 08:40
Bravo :)
David Feugey, 26th February 2017, 11:49
French West to East cooperation :)

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