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HP Rewards?

What the hell HP?

For a company that makes a printer with an impressive range of features, you certainly fail when it comes to aiding the customer on-line.

I have already pointed out the insanity of their so-called SureSupply being unable to find any resellers in the entirety of France:

Well, I want out and bought some new ink because I'm actually quite impressed with how simple it is to get things done with this printer. Proper ink. The expensive kind. And sure enough a short while after I had installed the ink, up pops a friendly window:

So I choose to claim my reward. The little whizzy status indicator makes it to around 25% (what's the guessing that's them feeding my printer information up the line) and then:

Looking online didn't result in anything useful. Seemingly a complete lack of information on HP's site, only a few references in forum posts which lead to non-existent content.

Now, I don't expect much... you know, like less expensive ink... but if one is going to pop up big bold windows promising something, it's extremely bad form to throw up an error and compound it by saying the information can't be saved for trying again later. That's a pretty rancid attitude actually. You ought to at least offer some sort of code and a link to the user so they can do something further, rather than this "yeah, whatever" approach.

Maybe next time I'll instead purchase 4 remanufactured XL size cartridges (2 black, 2 colour)? More ink (XL size), well rated on Amazon (4+5 stars from 28 people), and shipped by Amazon so simple returns should it not work...


To give you an idea of what I got from the supplied "setup" cartridges, here is the printer status report. Obviously the printer has made no attempt to distinguish between pages with text and pages with photos, so it's all a bit random, but it's something at least.



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