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Weed whacking

Well, I hadn't planned on doing this yesterday, it just sort of happened. You know, like it does. Here's a little collage of before and after photos:
Weed whacking - before and after

You must understand, the brambles that I hacked down were taller than me! I have also done "the easy part". No fence to work around, no trees, no complications. Just an incredible tangle of brambles upon brambles.

I probably won't do anything more until the weekend. It's supposed to reach 26°C today, rising to 33°C tomorrow, and topping a whopping 36°C on Friday. Which would be a bit ridiculous. The weekend is projected to be a freezing-in-comparison 27°C.
The anomaly is next Monday, which AccuWeather says will be "nice and sunny" and 22°C; with the entire following week being 27°C.
Now, I know weather forecasts in oceanic climates (such as western France, western UK, etc) are notoriously hard to predict, and it's possible that the 36°C could be a roasting 38°C, but it's just as possible it could hit 36°C and immediately break with a violent thunderstorm to spend a week in the low 20s.
I don't "do heat", so I don't know when I'll continue. But, then, I wasn't planning on doing anything yesterday and look what happened... ☺

Still, at least I've started. Only 4/5ths to go!



I gave it a second coat this morning, this time painting it on thick. It looks much better, it needed a second coat. However, I couldn't shut the door until gone 6pm. It took nearly eight hours on a warm summer day until the paint was dry enough to think about closing the door.


It's... Wednesday!

Already halfway through my first week of holiday - where does the time go? It just feels like a long weekend.

I guess it isn't helped that I watched the sun setting at twenty to ten, so clearly we've already lost half an hour in the evening, and probably that much in the morning. So the slide into the darkness of winter is already making itself felt.
That, plus the knowledge that the period of September to December is our heavy production period at work, often with alternate Saturdays (and since there's only one team working, that means I'll be starting at 5am). It's working towards getting lots of stuff ready for Christmas and New Years - le Réveillon de Noël and le Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre are big deals, often involving eating obscene amounts of seafood (as well as the weird stuff I comment on every year - the bambis and crocodiles) late at night and staying up well beyond midnight. Some of the stuff we produce is used for these meals, so... work for us (which is good, especially in the current global mess).



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