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Rick's Simple Sequencer v0.02

It was too hot to do anything... like at all. Okay, it only reached 28.5°C here, but when you're outside that's plenty hot enough.

So I took some time to add some stuff to my sequencer.

If you have not already read about this, you can catch up here.

Anyway, stuff that's been added/changed/fixed/fiddled with:

  • When adding a note beyond the current end point, the column timings are resynced so the extension will play correctly.
  • Added a "Play more expressively" option. If this is checked, then a small (+/- 2 centisecond) variation will be added to each column so it sounds a little more "human" and less like a machine.
    This applies to individual columns, not the notes within.
  • No longer hops to the first bar during playback, now goes directly to the correct bar.
  • Reversed the order of the choice up/down arrows, so you move metaphorically down the list from the top entry (which as you can imagine, is opposite to the top/first entry being array position 0, the next being 1, and then 2 and so on). It just feels more logically consistent this way.
  • Added AutoChord (^C). This will provide a list of C Major chords, and choosing one will insert it. You have straight chords, 7th chords, suspended 2, and suspended 4. It's not an exhaustive list, there are no sharps used, however it's a choice of 24 C Major chords to play with.
    The "Transpose down to C2" option is because the chords default to start in the C3 octave, however you can choose to shift them down to the C2 octave.
  • The chord numbers appear on the main and 7th chords, so if you wish to add a typical pop chord progression (I-V-vi-IV) then you'll be inserting C, G, Aminor, then F. Add a drum beat and you're halfway to writing a hit pop song! 😂
  • By pressing ^M, you can insert various types of control message (in any position except the start of notes).
  • Because the use of the Sustain pedal is quite common in piano music, there is a shortcut. You can use # to press the pedal, and ~ (or Shift #) to stop pressing it.
    Sustain is marked, as is common in notation, with "Ped" at the beginning, and "*" at the end.
  • Improved tracking of which notes are being played, so they can all be correctly turned off at the end of playback. This may occur when playing an "infinite instrument" such as an organ, when you're playing a breve (two bar note) in snippet play that only plays the current bar. As such, the playback ends before the end of the note is reached. By better tracking these things, all notes can be properly silenced.

The file test_1b is the same as test_1, only with the addition of the pedal at various points.


Download (69K)
For RISC OS 5 machines with MIDI


Oh no! My parcel!

Oh no! What should I do?!

My important parcel is suffering technical difficulties
My important parcel is suffering technical difficulties.

Right, that website...

Where I need to go to resolve the problem
Where I need to go to resolve the problem.

The slight misalignment halfway down is because Xiaomi's screen capture is too lame-arse to manage a scrolling capture in landscape mode. Not that the portrait mode version ever actually works...

Anyway, the "Chronopost" site alternates between a friendly black guy by a parcel van (actually stolen from the real site) and a white woman with frizzy orange hair looking like she's having thoughts she wouldn't want to explain to her mother.

Yup. Looks totally legit.

It's asking for my email address. I suppose that is a great help, given that I don't recall the parcel tracking number.

Astonishing. There's a parcel waiting for c***ymcc*** Who'd have guessed it?

And because the parcel weighs more than the indicated weight, there is an additional fee of €0,48 that needs to be paid; payment must happen within the next 48 hours or the parcel will be returned to the sender.

Oh well. I guess the parcel I didn't order to the email that doesn't exist will just have to be returned. Aw, shucks.


By the way, if you'd like to sign up the mobile number +33676927067 for premium sex texts or suchlike, feel free. That's the twat that sent this message. So they're either a spammer, or somebody too clueless to know that their phone has been seriously compromised. Go on, offer them a good night out...



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Frank, 22nd August 2023, 21:52
You do know about caller-ID spoofing, don't you? There's a good chance that number has absolutely nothing to do with the message you received. 
Reading a bit of r/scams on reddit might be advisable.
Rick, 22nd August 2023, 22:30
It's harder to spoof an SMS as it means pulling one over the SMSC, which is a lot more regulated here than in other countries. 
That'll be why it's showing up as a random mobile number (+336). It's either a burner SIM for quickly sending a bunch of fakes and dropping it (*), or somebody's phone got hijacked with malware that's doing it. 
* - again, regulations, I had to jump through a bunch of hoops when I first got my Bouygues SIM, otherwise it would be disconnected within 30 days. 
But that's plenty to load it up with credit and fire off a bunch of cheap texts. 
But I'm still leaning towards malware. 
It's an Orange number, by the way. 067* is one of their blocks. 

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