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Welcome to Frobnicate!

What makes Frobnicate different to all of the other geeky magazines is that Frobnicate:
"...tells it like it is..."
No "breaking news", no "hot items", no "reviews of expensive must-haves". We offer you none of that. Instead, we offer you our thoughts and our experiences.

Welcome to the home of Frobnicate magazine.

Here you will be able to download all issues in OvationPro format. The more recent issues are also available in Adobe PDF format for those not able to view OvationPro documents; though note that OvationPro is available for both RISC OS and Windows, and that a "reader" version of OvationPro is available too.

Frobnicate offers you three things you don't often find...

Reality. Every article in Frobnicate conveys the thoughts and feelings of the author. As there are no "market forces" to worry about, and no "demographic" to keep happy, every author is free to write what they truly think and feel and not an edited version to keep some inspecific third-party appeased.
Difference. While Frobnicate is, primarily, a magazine for geeks written by geeks, we'll accept articles from just about anybody - and that includes you! - so you can never be quite sure what'll turn up in Frobnicate from one issue to the next.
Value. Value, but in what is written in each issue, and value because you do not pay for Frobnicate. The rule is you supply your articles for free, and the magazine is released for free, and hopefully everybody will learn something new (even if it's that I'm a nutcase!). :-)

Why not take time out to read Frobnicate?
It sure beats doing real work!

  • OvationPro - the official website
    The official homepage of the excellent OvationPro desktop publishing software that is used to create Frobnicate. You can try a time-limited fully functional version of OvationPro, or you can download a 'reader' version.
2008 Rick Murray