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Ewen Cathcart

Ewen understands satellite reception and writes a regular article on things you can do. Recently he has shared with us several unorthodox methods of mounting a dish (including an upturned rotary washing line!), hiding your dish (as a giant fake rock?), and using a dish indoors. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to receive signals through a window!
I look forward to his next articles, and I hope you do as well. Great things are promised, including how to receive SkyDigital using only a ZX81 and two old beer cans. Well, maybe not quite, but you never know! :-)

Stephanie-Jane Murray

My mother doesn't like computers. In fact, with certain exceptions (such as reliable car ignition and cash machines that work), she feels the world would be better without all this gadgetry. Obviously, as editor of Frobnicate, I disagree!
But I do understand the problems of crowding a few hundred 'special' functions onto a 105 key keyboard, putting the Ctrl key where Caps Lock used to (should?) be, and troublesome keypresses like ^A to select 'all' and the next keypress 'replaces selection', meaning an entire document could turn into the letter 't' by a simple mistype.
Gavin Wraith

Gavin introduced us to the Lua language for issue 20. For those unfamiliar, Lua is an interpreted scripting language with the simplicity of BASIC and the power of C.



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