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The final issue
(#30, spring 2008)

  Released 11th April 2008  
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Front cover of issue 30...The latest (and final) issue of Frobnicate is issue 30, for spring 2008, released 2008/04/11 .
24 pages.

Within this issue you will find: 

  • Keep the home fires burning
    My final word on global warming, eco-taxation, and digging down to try to discover a bit of truth from all the rhetoric.
  • Go figure...
    Why Frobnicate is coming to the end, diaper madness, yay RISC OS code for all!, geek terminology, animé, introducing Aiko and relative computer speeds, XP good-and-bad, and how an overly paranoid copy-protection on a DVD required me to copy it before I could watch it!
  • Review: MPman MP-FUB34
    Another little MP3 player (this time a 1Gb model). Here's what I thought of it.

  • Flying without wings
    I take to the air. Whooo-hooooo...
  • Musings on copyright
    Some random yackage about copyright and what this means for computer users.
  • An argument for Open Source
    As time goes by, Open Source software is becoming more and more a necessity. Here is my argument why.
  • Mom's Page by Stephanie-Jane Murray
    Retirement, poetry, the future, and of course Dylan is mentioned...
  • Final Wrap Party
    Reminiscence and fond memories. Possibly the hardest article I've ever written.
  • Who is this?And the answer...
    It is not mentioed in the magazine - it is here. The girl on the right is Tiffany, the picture being from the video for "I Think We're Alone Now".


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