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I ordered this from Amazon last week, as part of one of mom's orders. It arrived today. Ayleigh (the 1GHz box) was able to rip directly to MP3 at a smidgen over 4× so it completed each of the two discs in around 12-15 minutes.
I have copied the lot to my Zen so I can listen to the songs when I want. Some I don't know, but of those I'll probably keep to hand: Suburbia, What have I done to deserve this?, It's a sin, West End girls, Rent, Jealousy....
Just to give Amazon's auto-suggestion a nervous breakdown, I think I'll maybe look out a Cantamus CD next?


A bug in my PVR

I have not tracked down a specific 'cause' for this problem, but when it manifests, the timed recording will not work.

Thankfully it is easy to spot:

Stuck? Here's an alternative showing how it should be:

Hopefully you've noticed the date is missing from the upper picture. When there is no date shown, timed recordings will not be triggered.

Don't bother setting the clock. It will show the correct date, but upon accepting the times, you still won't have a date visible.
You need to turn the device off and back on again. Then the date will appear.


What I'm watching...

Obviously this is subject to numerous revisions as time passes. I had planned to watch Office Space, but decided The Craft would be good. I usually forget Gossip Girl, so still hoping to catch an episode or two.
Oh, those in 'darker' boxes are important, things I don't want to miss.

If you are interested, this was generated using my TeleGuide software.


Ancient and extinct... words?

From BBCi:

Interesting choice of words. I find it hard to believe this - squeeze is slang for somebody you love as well as its more usual meaning; guts are things you puke out, as well as a way of measuring bravery; stick is a part of a tree, something glue does, and aggro; and bad? Bad is good. Bad is bad. Does this mean good is bad?


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