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Who do I look like?

I took a picture of myself with Azumi's webcam, and uploaded it to to see who it thought I looked like.
The photo was pretty poor really, so I was quite pleased to see that it felt I looked a bit like Benny Goodman, who's not bad looking. I'll take that as a compliment.
Then it suggested Tony Stewart who doesn't look that unlike Chris Moyles. Gee, thanks. I know I'm no picture postcard, but...
The next suggestion was some bloke called Mordechai Vanunu. Never heard of him but he's got white hair, sort of, at the sides. The rest looks bald. The Friar Tuck look, I think. Kinda a miss there.

Then they played the trump card.

Jimi Hendrix, with a 45% similarity to me.

Let's see... Do I have an Afro? Er, nope.
Do I have a moustache? Er, nope.
Am I black? Er, what the hell!?

So, there you have it. Look at the pictures of me on this site and remember, I'm 45% similar to Jimi Hendrix. Riiight.


Taking DNA seriously?

[added: 2020/10/01]

I have been contacted by a representative of "DNAWeekly" who clearly missed the sarcasm and suggested that I provide a link to their blog article that compares three different genealogy services. Prices are all in dollars, so what it'll be on this side of the Atlantic is likely... an exchange rate from Venutian Lobits.
Anyway, here's the link if you actually want to ship your DNA to the US where it'll be stored forever:



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Rick, 13th May 2010, 19:35
Sadly, I can top this. 
Just tried it with a photo of mom, quite a nice photo, taken with the webcam. 
47% similar to Heath Ledger, 46% similar to Ariel Sharon, neither of which look much like each other, never mind ANY of the five matches being the right gender. 
So, remind me of the purpose of biometrics...? ☺

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