My 'intranet' : RISC OS from Windows


Step 1 : Hardware
Step 2 : RISC OS
Step 3 : Windows 3.11
Step 4 : Actually doing it
Connecting to...
  • RISC OS from Win

Assuming all is working, and Samba is running on the RISC OS machine...


Start File Manager, open the Disk menu, select the Connect Network Drive... option.

Image, 6K GIF

A window will appear.

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In the Drive selection, choose the drive you would like the shared drive to be called. Windows will automatically select the next free drive.

Ignore the Show Shared Directories on box. It probably won't, by default, show your shares. You could enter \\alyson in the Path box and press Return. That is, if you wish to see your shares and double-click on one to choose it.

I, for some odd reason, find it much quicker to just type in the whole path of the share, and let Windows get on with it. As you can see, I am mapping the RISC OS BootDrive (ADFS::4.$) to D:.

At this point, Windows may ask you to log on. I'm not sure why, as only a password is required, and there is nothing to log on to... I guess it is MicroSoft logic that requires you to have a username (hence logging on) in order to have a password... Or something?

Next, you will be asked to enter a password. Simply type it in the window that appears, and then click on OK.

Then wait, for File Manager to catch up with your reality.

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There it is. That was relatively painless, wasn't it?


But, my friends, that isn't all. Remember I told you to switch on logging?

In Program Manager, open the Network group and double-click on NetWatcher. This is a nifty little utility that tells you who's connected.

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Double-click on the computer name in order to view a little more information here.
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And, that odd little icon in the NetWatcher window just below the 'O' in Options, that opens up the log window...
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You can, using NetWatcher, kick users off. I'll leave it to you to figure out how!

Copyright © 2001 Richard Murray