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Step 1 : Hardware
Step 2 : RISC OS
Step 3 : Windows 3.11
Step 4 : Actually doing it
  • Ping to test...
Connecting to...

Well. You have set up the RISC OS machine and the Windows for Workgroups machine. Both have been rebooted (do this now if you have any doubts), the correct software is loaded...
On Windows, this should be done automatically.
Under RISC OS, you'll want to load OmniClient and then smbserver. Because of the way the NetBIOS port 139 is handled, you cannot load Samba first. Load it after Omni.

In order to test that things are workings correctly, we shall use a piece of software called ping. This simply bounces a small amount of data off of the destination machine, and gives a time for the round trip. It is a useful tool on the Internet for checking if a site is up and what the typical delay is.
It is also very useful on your TCP/IP network to check that machines exist and are correctly set up.


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Under RISC OS...

Open a taskwindow and type in ping <machine name> which would be ping momspc for my setup...
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If the ping fails, then try again using the IP address (ie, ping If that works then you'll need to alter your Hosts file. It is possible, depending upon your setup, that Argo's !Voyager decides to install its own (I suspect Fresco is the culprit).
It is wise, if you use Voyager, to set the required values in the file !Voyager.Stack.Files.Hosts.
You can check where your system is looking for its resources by typing:
  *Show InetDBase$Path
in a TaskWindow.

If the ping fails using both name and IP address, then try the following:


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Now we know the RISC OS machine can see the PC, it is time to turn our attention to the PC. The PING utility was also supplied with the Windows TCP/IP pack, so we can make use of it.
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Again, if it fails by name, check your Hosts and LMHosts files (both in \Windows) and see if it will work by IP address.
If that fails too, try the suggestions provided above.

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