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Step 1 : Hardware
Step 2 : RISC OS
Step 3 : Windows 3.11
Step 4 : Actually doing it
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Connecting to...

Getting a RISC OS machine to read stuff from Windows is a doddle, really. RISC OS has always maintained superior compatibility.

Getting the PC to notice RISC OS is not as easy, until we know things are running correctly.

By now, you should have set up RISC OS, Windows, your shares on both machines, rebooted both machines, and done the ping tests to ensure the machines can see each other by name.

Briefly, a crash course in network names...

You have two elements. You have the computer name (ie, Alyson) and the mount name (ie, BootDrive). To reference what's on a machine, you would ask the PC's network software to search on:

  \\<computer name>
and to actually reference a drive, you'd use:
  \\<computer name>\<mount name>

This can be put to use with the net command.
Enter net view \\<computer name> and see if the system can recognise your shared devices. Your transaction should look like:

Image, 4K GIF

If you are impatient, you can use the net use command to map a shared drive to be a local drive. The syntax is:

  net use <drive>: \\<computer name>\<mount name>
So to connect my boot drive on the RiscPC and treat it as drive F, I'd use:
  net use f: \\alyson\bootdrive
Please note, however, that is it preferable to map drives using Windows File Manager, as it provides more control, like a more logical way of dealing with passworded drives - and that is sorta essential because it probably moaned about a password, if you set one up.


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